The Self-Made Wardrobe Project

Where I only wear garments made by me for one year.

My aim is to use this project to explore:
fashion, personal style, crafting, creating, sustainability, thriftiness, and overall figure-it-the-fuck-out-ness.

There are 2 rules:
1. undergarments & accessories don’t count.
2. if it feels like cheating, it probably is.

I’m documenting the project at
Where I post about what I wear, what projects I’m working on, what projects I’ve finished, plus general musings on fashion, style, creativity, knitting, sewing, and general crafty-ness.

The project started on August 1, 2014, and will finish July 31, 2015.
(well, the second try at the project started, the first was interrupted by bedbugs & stomach problems.)

Find and follow the blog here.

I’m building a wardrobe to house the world that is me.