A quarter of the way through – The Self-Made Wardrobe Project Month 3

The Self-Made Wardrobe is a project where I only wear garments I’ve made.
It’s sort of a year long experiment in getting dressed without clothing labels – like, literally, my clothes have no labels in them.

This is the wrap up for Month 3. You can find more information about the project, and follow along with more in-depth blog posts here, at hollychayes.com

The Self-Made Wardrobe Month-3

I’m one quarter of the way through the year! And just a couple days ago I made it to Day 100! Yay!

Today is Day 109 so just 256 days to go…

How Often Did I Wear What In October?

Black Tank Top: 31 days
Blue Kimono: 10 days
Graphic Silk Circle Skirt: 9 days
Black Maxi Skirt: 9 days
Moonstruck Cardigan: 6 days
Boring Black Sweater: 6 days
White Underskirt: 4 days
Cascading Flowers Skirt: 3 days
Colorful Knit Sweater Dress: 3 days
Versio Sweater: 3 days
Pirate Skirt: 3 days
Gingham Skirt: 2 days
Transitional Weather Sweater: 2 days
Jersey Wrap Dress: 1 day

What’s New?

There are a couple new pieces this month:
The Versio Sweater
Colorful Knit Sweater Dress
White Underskirt
Boring Black Sweater
Transitional Weather Sweater

They’re mostly sweaters because fall has actually come around and it got sort of chilly in October.

What Am I working on Now?

It’s a couple days past the halfway point in November, and I’m still on my sweater knitting kick.

I just finished the knitting on my winter coat, now I need to pick up a zipper, add pockets, and figure out a plan for the lining.

A couple friends and I have an Archer* sew-a-long planned, and I have enough fabric for 2, so I’m planning on jumping the gun, and sewing one up sooner.
*Archer is a button up shirt pattern, put out by Grainline Studios.

In more sewing news, I desperately want another black maxi skirt, and I’m hoping against hope I’ll be able to dive back into the jeans experiment soon.

If you had asked me before this project if I could go three months without wearing a pair of jeans, I would have said “there’s no way in hell.”

But I guess I was wrong…

The Self-Made Wardrobe is an experiment in getting dressed without wearing store bought clothes and exploring personal style without labels – a project in which I only wear clothes I’ve made for a year.

This was the Month 3 wrap up, you can follow the project throughout the month on hollychayes.com

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