January Wrap Up – Month 6 of the self-made wardrobe is done!

The Self-Made Wardrobe is a project where I only wear garments I’ve made.
It’s sort of a year long experiment in getting dressed without clothing labels.
This is the wrap up for Month 6 of the project – January 2015. You can find more information about the project, and follow along with more in-depth blog posts here, at hollychayes.com

The Self Made Wardrobe Month 6

Basic Black Tank Top – 31
Graphic Silk Circle Skirt – 11
Not-So-Straightforward Basic Purple Sweater – 10
Blue & Green Archer Button Up Shirt – 9
Black Maxi Skirt – 9
Deconstructed Sweater – 7
Boring Black Sweater – 5
Hand Knit Sweater Dress – 5
Cascading Flowers Skirt – 3
Moonstruck Cardigan – 2
Pirate Skirt – 2
Birds & Wheels Flare Skirt – 1
Versio Sweater – 1

In some ways December felt very much not like winter. We had a couple storms and some cold days, but it didn’t really scream winter.

This year, winter definitely and absolutely started in January (and has very much continued to make it’s presence known this February.)

That being said, I relied very heavily on a couple of excellent layering pieces throughout January, specifically, my Not-So-Straightforward Basic Purple Sweater,* my Archer Button Up Shirt, my Deconstructed Black Sweater, and my Boring Black Sweater.
*why was it a not-so-straightforward basic sweater?

Those tops along with my go-to skirts – my Black Maxi Skirt, and my Graphic Silk Circle Skirt – made up the majority of what I wore in January.

Seeing that, and knowing that we have a stupid amount of winter still to go, I think I’d like to set a few wardrobe goals (the horror!).

Goal 1: another chunky sewn sweater, like my Deconstructed Sweater – I want something intended for layering over other sweaters, that’s chunky and warm and cozy.

Goal 2: another thin, long sleeved pullover, like my Not-So-Straightforward Basic Purple Sweater – something that looks great on it’s own, or under another sweater.

Goal 3: another 3 quick, easy, simple, wonderful skirts – simple skirts, elastic waistbands, projects I can put together in an afternoon.

Goal 4: jeans… I sound like a bloody broken record. I have my pattern. I have my fabric. My just got back from being serviced after it’s last big theater job – now is the damn time already.

That’s it.
Nice, loose, flexible goals* that will produce clothes I love to make and to wear (which feels kind of like finding the holy grail.)
*because my wardrobe and I are grand adventuresses!

The Self-Made Wardrobe is an experiment in getting dressed without wearing store bought clothes and exploring personal style without labels, follow along at hollychayes.com.

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