6 tips for sewing with stripes

sewing with striped fabric

1. buy extra fabric. the wider your repeat the more extra you should buy. buying extra fabric gives you more wiggle room when you’re laying out your pattern, and lets you plan your stripe placement.

pinning stripes

2. baste your seams or pin parallel to your stitching instead of perpendicular to it.

sew between stripes

3. stitch at the edge between 2 stripes instead of in the middle of a stripe. It’s easier to keep your stitching straight, and it means you don’t need to split the middle of both your stripes perfectly to get the correct width of stripe.

vertical pinning

4. to match your stripes vertically (across a horizontal seam) match the patterning on your two pieces of fabric.

horizontal pinning

5. to match your stripes horizontally (across a vertical seam) off set the patterning on your two pieces of fabric.

  not perfect  not perfect horizonal matching

6. not everything has to be perfect. At some point let go of perfection.

vertical matching

6 1/2. but it’s really nice when everything lines up.

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