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Just some crazy lighting


No filters today (promise). Just some crazy lighting, and the usual cropping out the rest of the mess on the couch.


I mean, how crazy is this?


The Self-Made Wardrobe Project

The Basic Idea: create and wear an entirely self-made wardrobe for one year, and document the process.

The Documentation: a blog & a book
The blog: fashion meets crafting. a combination of daily outfit posts and weekly crafting posts.
The book: a subscription based book, written 1 chapter per month, an in depth exploration of fashion, personal style, crafting, and oh so much more.

The Timeline:
April 2014- solidify the idea, create the website, gather supplies, call in the cavalry.
May 2014- build basic summer wardrobe, start blogging, start “book”
June 2014- start wearing wardrobe, establish systems to make the project sustainable, work out system kinks, gather readers, continue building/blogging/writing/reflecting
July 2014-May 2015- continue writing/blogging/sewing/building/reflecting/radiating
June 2015- some sort of wrap up

The Why: Why the fuck am I doing this? And why does it matter?
Whether we think about what we wear or not, our clothes reflect who we are.
What we wear matters, and I’m tired of wearing clothes that don’t fit, either physically or energetically.
I’m doing this project because I want to see my clothes as an ally, and not as an enemy (or even worse, as a reluctant bystander).
I want to build a wardrobe to that comfortably houses the world that is me.
My hope, is that by watching me document my process, you’ll feel emboldened to look at your wardrobe as an ally.
Create a wardrobe that houses the world that is you.