I’m beginning to sense a theme…


This might be my favorite skirt yet. I made it this morning, it’s still un-hemmed, and I’m beginning to sense a theme here…

Though I will put a hem on this skirt before I leave today. (Unlike the unfinished skirt I wore the other day, which still doesn’t have a hem, and I’m thinking of leaving it that way.)


It’s a basic circle skirt with, an elastic waistband, and a small amount of gathering.


Instead of making it a straight circle skirt, I used two layers of fabric, and left them squares, offsetting them so there are 8 points instead of 4.

If I were thinking I would have grabbed a photo while I was making it, but I forgot, so here’s a demonstration of what I mean with post-it notes.


And I’m sure I’ll be making another skirt like this soon enough, so I’ll try to remember an in-progress photo.

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