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Hitting the pause button.


Hitting the pause button.
Taking a minute.
‘One moment please.’

I’m hitting the pause button on this project, for the moment.

I already mentioned the stomach problems I’m dealing with.
Still not sure what it is. More doctors this week.

But on top of that,
my apartment needs to be treated for bed bugs.

The exterminator found sheddings, and I squished something that looks an awful lot like a bed bug (but was too squished for the exterminator to ID.)

So, the whole apartment needs to be treated.
This includes washing & drying, cleaning and packing everything.

Clothes. Linens. Fabric. Yarn.

Which means all my fabric & yarn, plus most of my clothes are currently sitting in giant Ziploc bags, and I’m living in jeans & black tank tops again.

Cleaning, washing, packing.
Lather, rinse, repeat.
(It’s a lot like moving without the change of address.)

So I’m hitting pause on the self-made wardrobe project.
I will hit unpause.
It just might take a bit.

You can always find me at

Hitting the pause button.
‘One moment please.’

An Update


So I haven’t updated in a couple days, because I’ve been sick with some stomach thing, we’re not sure exactly what it is, but it involves lots of doctors’ offices, sleeping, and other unpleasantness.

I’ve either been at home in my pjs, or at the doctors. I pulled out an old pair of jeans at the doctor’s, because I wanted the ease that jeans provide.

I’m feeling better, but needless to say, I’m a bit behind on the second chapter of the book. I’m still going to try to get it out the first week of July, but it might end up coming out early in the second week.

Now back to playing catchup.

No Possibility of Wet Cuffs


Today was the first day of this project that really wanted to wear pants.

It was kind of like a craving for pants.

Maybe it’s because it’s a little bit rainy, or because I’m going to be spending most of today writing, but for whatever reason I wants jeans.

Needless to say, I have not made a pair of jeans yet. I’m holding off until I have a couple more pieces finished, that way I can concentrate on making jeans without (at the same time) worrying about what to wear.

But then I remembered that I hate wearing jeans in the rain, because wet cuffs are just awful, so (what’s quickly becoming) my favorite skirt will work fantastically for today.

No possibility of wet cuffs.

A Day in Wonderland


I haven’t worn this skirt yet, but it was one of the self-made pieces I started this project with.

It’s got different portraits of Alice from Alice in Wonderland all over it, along with tea pots & tea cups.

I don’t wear it often because it takes a certain mood to pull off, but when I do it always makes me smile.

Since today is an editing & writing kind of day, I figured it was a perfect day for a little bit of whimsy.

The First Little Black Dress


It’s the first of what I’m sure will be many little black dresses.

This is the dress I was talking about yesterday, a simple, racer back, A-line, cotton, black dress. I actually took my tank pattern, and elongated it into a dress.

This probably not a dress I would have picked up in a store, but kind of love it…

Day 16


Day 16 of this project, and it’s a black and white kind of a day today.

Still adoring this skirt, and must make another one like it sometime soon. And I’ll remember to take photos this time.

I’m hoping to finish up a dress tonight, so if all goes well tonight you’ll be seeing it tomorrow…

(Fingers crossed.)

The Birds & Wheels Flare Skirt


Sewing and cleaning and watching the World Cup, on the agenda for today, so I need something simple. Something I can change easily.

Besides who doesn’t love birds on their skirt?

And yes, you have seen this before…

PS. there’s the pink skull Dana.

A cascade of flowers


Still adoring my unfinished flower skirt. And am still on the quest for the perfect racer back tank top. (I figure once I get the tank, I can work on a cami pattern.)

The skirt has certainly grown significantly just in the couple times I’ve worn it, so I’m glad I didn’t hem it yet. Though I think there’s something charming about the raw selvage hem.


Also, I can’t believe we’re almost halfway through the first month of the project…

Trying something a little bit different


Trying something a little bit different today. Thoughts about the collage? Love it? Hate it? Indifferent?

I was planning on wearing a new black maxi skirt, but it didn’t turn our quite like planned. (It ended up huge! Which is what I get for cutting things right before bed.) So I need to futz with it, probably take it in a whole bunch, which is better than the alternative I guess…

Anyway. Happy Friday the 13th!
Tell me what you think of the collage.

Anything you particularly want to see from the self-made wardrobe?


It’s the un-hemmed skirt I mentioned yesterday!

We’re about a week and a half in to this project and I’m starting to feel like I might have a bit of a handle on it.

I certainly need more clothes, but at the same time I’m not scrambling for something to wear every morning. (just some mornings)

So I thought I’d ask, is there anything in particular you want to see? Sewing tutorials? Styling tutorials? Clothing/accessory round ups? Project details? More writing-questions & thoughts?

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I love hearing from you, so let me know what you want to see.