No more of this “I should be making…”

Last night I was having a moment of “this isn’t work, this is all stupid, what the fuck have I gotten myself into.”

Funny how those moments always come at midnight and feel like DOOOOOOM!

It was the dress. It just wasn’t working. I was feeling like I should be making cute-fruffy-dresses. But I don’t wear cute-fruffy-dresses.

This where I left the dress last night.


The bodice was basically done, and I knew what I wanted to do for the skirt.

But it’s really not my kind of a dress, and I spent this morning ripping the whole bodice apart.

IMG_2946 IMG_2960

Zipper, top stitching and all.


So I’m starting again, with less of a plan and more of a good feeling.

No more of this “I should be making…” shit.

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