I’m wearing an unfinished skirt.


Basic black tank, an unfinished skirt, and a whole bunch of jewelry.

I’m kind of sick of all my clothes at the moment, (all five of them), so I spent most of yesterday sewing, and couldn’t come up with anything I liked.

One of the problems I’m running into is something I pointed out in the first fabric post, which is that I gravitate towards light colored fabrics, but prefer wearing dark colored clothing.

Plus, I prefer wearing separates, but have been concentrating on sewing dresses.
I don’t know. But I should probably remember to buy dark fabric, and concentrate on making  separates.

That being said, I whipped up this skirt this morning and love it! It’s not done but I’m wearing it anyway. It’s a basic 6 panel maxi skirt that I gathered at one hip.


I know this photo is a little blurry, but you can see the draping a little better.

The skirt is wrinkly, un-hemmed, and I want to add a second layer of the same fabric to it, plus the gathering is currently being held in place by a safety pin.

But I love it. So there.


A better look at the print, and some of the rings.

PS. Chapter one of the book is now available!!! Wheeeeeeee!


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