I’m unpausing this project! Whee!
But also rearranging it.

Making it more manageable.
More sustainable.
More interesting.
More helpful.
Hopefully more inspiring.

I’m going to be restarting this project August 1st. But maintaining along with my main blog over at hollychayes.com wasn’t working out so well.

So for take 2 of this project I’ll be rearranging things a little bit, and incorporating the self-made wardrobe updates & project progress, in with the knitting stuff I already talk about on the main blog.

There will still be outfit posts, sewing updates, and general musings on fashion/style/sewing/crafting/creating, they’ll just be in addition to the knitting content I already talk about.

You can keep following the project on HollyChayes.com.
And if you like following the project by email, sign up for new blog updates here.

Hitting restart.
Let’s do this.
Come join me.

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