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Thankfully it dries quickly, and I have plenty of Soak


The blue kimono, one of the original skirts, and the black tank top. Plus rings and my bicycle-clock necklace.

This tank is certainly getting a lot of wear, thankfully it dries quickly, and I have plenty of Soak (a gentle detergent, perfect for hand-washing.)

I have some more jersey, so I plan on working up another tank top or two tonight. I know I’ve said this before, but I’m super excited about being able to come up with a perfect tank pattern.

Also, since I figured out yesterday that I much prefer wearing separates, I’ve stopped planning dresses to make, started designing & thinking about making separates, which has me feeling much better about this project again.

I don’t know where I got the idea to focus on sewing dresses, since I didn’t regularly wear them in my previous wardrobe…

Maybe it’s a lot like how the fabric I gravitate towards buying, is different from the fabric I like wearing.

I’m wearing an unfinished skirt.


Basic black tank, an unfinished skirt, and a whole bunch of jewelry.

I’m kind of sick of all my clothes at the moment, (all five of them), so I spent most of yesterday sewing, and couldn’t come up with anything I liked.

One of the problems I’m running into is something I pointed out in the first fabric post, which is that I gravitate towards light colored fabrics, but prefer wearing dark colored clothing.

Plus, I prefer wearing separates, but have been concentrating on sewing dresses.
I don’t know. But I should probably remember to buy dark fabric, and concentrate on makingĀ  separates.

That being said, I whipped up this skirt this morning and love it! It’s not done but I’m wearing it anyway. It’s a basic 6 panel maxi skirt that I gathered at one hip.


I know this photo is a little blurry, but you can see the draping a little better.

The skirt is wrinkly, un-hemmed, and I want to add a second layer of the same fabric to it, plus the gathering is currently being held in place by a safety pin.

But I love it. So there.


A better look at the print, and some of the rings.

PS. Chapter one of the book is now available!!! Wheeeeeeee!


Lounging About

Lounging about calls for super simple clothes.


In this case, a reconstructed t-shirt, and a circle skirt.


The reconstructed t-shirt is just a simple sleeveless v neck.

20140605-132108-48068040.jpg 20140605-132108-48068405.jpg

I kept the original hem. And used a basic zig zag for the side seams and shoulders.

Though maybe it’s time to start some lounging pants, because this skirt is fine, but not great for lounging.

The Cherry Blossom Wrap Skirt


The black tank top, the blue kimono, and a new cherry blossom wrap skirt. I remembered to pull my hair back today, but didn’t remember my glasses…

and I might be a little bit obsessed with this kimono…


The skirt is new, it’s a super simple wrap skirt.

The pattern is just a half circle with a waistband and long ties, a deep hem.

I wanted something that would be simple to make, easy to wear, and would really show off the cherry blossom print.

The fabric is actually an old cotton sheet that I’ve had in my fabric stash for ages.

Final verdict: love it.

Day three


I started another out of the cherry cotton print but it’s being a little bitching, so it’s back to the grey & white striped dress for day three.

Also, I need to remember to pull my hair up when I take photos, because otherwise you can’t actually see what I’m wearing. (Oops.)

Keeping It Simple


Day two is one of the four self-made skirts I had before this project started, and a basic black tank top.

I didn’tĀ  realize how well a tank top could fit until I made this one. I figured a tank top, was a tank top, was a tank top, but I guess not.

Which is getting me excited about perfecting this pattern, and experimenting with finishings & fabrics.

The shoes are Seychelles and I picked up the jewelry here and there.

I’m liking the lighting in this photo better, but I’m not sure how I feel about being seated.

Keeping it simple for today, though I might grab the blue kimono or maybe the jade sweater on the way out.

Day One

It’s June 1st, and so the challenge really begins…

I’m wearing the grey & white dress, the blue kimono, and a pair of ancient Aerosoles.

I’m also still figuring out the right photo set up, so apologies for the terrible quality & exposure.

See you tomorrow for day 2…